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Over 90 years of family, service, and community

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On October 29, 1928, a new and modern exclusive Dry Cleaning plant opened in progressive Beaumont, Texas. With over 75 years of service and satisfaction, what was once one business is now four with 15 locations as well as 3 mobile customer sales and service units.


In 1978 the Uniform Rental Company became an actuality. Currently with 8 routes this division services over 1000 customers throughout the region.  It was immediately followed by the opening of the Safety Apparel division, now with 5 locations serving Texas and Southwest Louisiana. This division began as an industrial related business but with the mid 1980 oil bust, the company began to also focus on individual workers since in many instances they, and not companies, now made the purchases.


With these additions, the original vision of excellence and service now embodies not only Beaumont but Lufkin, Lake Charles and Houston while internet sales span nationwide. The services that everyone had come to trust continues with over 120 employees.


Another tradition that began in 1928 within the Munros Dry Cleaning family was the spirit of service to the community. Giving back to the community became a strong element of the Munro name. Beginning with Josh Munro in 1928 this service has increased to the extent of currently being involved with and contributing to over 100 charities and/or groups in Southeast Texas.


After 90 years, the original philosophy of customer service and quality have remained as the staying-factor of Munro's Cleaners vision for excellence. 

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